Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take 5

Dear Readers,

I was on TV last week. Like real, full-blown TV. The 10! Show - a morning show on the Philadelphia NBC affiliate - invited me in to talk about great gift ideas for nieces and nephews.

And I did. On August 26th. For 5 minutes.

Five very short minutes.

On TV.

I'm not a shy person. So I wasn't nervous about being on TV. I was more nervous about getting all the gift details right - the names, the pricing, how they work, the benefits, and finally why Savvy Aunties love them. All in 5 minutes.

But I did it. Sort of. I had to rush a bit at the end.

Still, they invited me back to talk about Holiday Gifts for nieces and nephews on November 11th.

For five minutes.

All I need is one more gig and I've got my 15 minutes of fame.!Show082608

Watch it. It only takes five minutes.

Auntie Melanie


  1. Great job! I think I might want a Kota and a Tumble for me...Or, they would make great gift ideas for my nephews, too.

    Keep up the great work, Melanie!

    - Auntie in Michigan

  2. Awesome! The TV appearances will only get bigger for you!

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