Thursday, September 4, 2008

US Census Points to Increase of PANKs (Professional Aunts No Kids);

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I hope you don't mind, but I have interrupted my normal blog posts to post this important press release we issued last night from

Auntie Melanie

US Census Points to Increase of PANKs (Professional Aunts No Kids); Launches Perfectly into Growing Niche

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 4, 2008 -- An ever higher number of American women are childless, according to statistics* released by the U.S. Census Bureau on August 18, 2008. The data, which reports a significant rise over the last two years, shows that the percentage of non-moms is nearing the **50 percent mark, making the ratio of moms to non-moms in America almost 1:1.

The trend, while of strong interest to fertility experts and sociologists, also signals the opening of a new demographic segment and opportunity for marketers hoping to reach women with discretionary income and time.

With or without kids of their own, many women love children, and love indulging them," said Melanie Notkin, founder and CEO of, the first online resource and community for PANKs - Professional Aunts No Kids -- a term she coined. "What makes this growing segment appealing to marketers is that PANKs are in the workforce, affluent and control or influence 85% of their household purchasing decisions."

While spending some of their discretionary income to indulge their nieces, nephews, godchildren and friends' kids with gifts and activities, PANKs also have more time and money than moms for leisure, travel, beauty, fashion, as well as new homes, home improvement, cars and consumer electronics. And PANKs are listening. In just eight weeks since launch, has received 50,000 visits, with membership growing daily. provides resources, activities, gift ideas and community for the tens of millions of women who indulge their nieces and nephews and other children in their lives, as well as themselves. "I'm an aunt to eight awesome nieces and nephews," states member 'Aunt Pam' in a Savvy Auntie Forum post. "Plus, I'm an honorary aunt to some of my friends' kids. I love being an aunt, it's been incredibly rewarding, fun and gets better every year....This site is a great idea. We aunties need recognition!!"

About is the first resource and online community for Aunts -- Aunts by Relation and Aunts by Choice. With advice and expertise developed just for Aunts, along with activities and gift ideas for their nieces and nephews, Aunts can get what they need to live the Savvy Auntie lifestyle. Moreover, the Savvy Auntie Community enables Aunts to connect and share the best and most challenging parts of Aunt-hood with their Savvy Auntie friends. Dubbed "the first parenting site for non-parents," empowers and engages aunts with whatever they need celebrate Aunt-hood. The site can currently be found at

*US Census Bureau Fertility of American Women: 2006
** Data reports that 45.1% of America women up to age 44, do not have children - up 0.5% from 2004.


  1. With supporting evidence such as this, I think you should have VCs waiting to fund you! With Gen Y coming of age this number will only increase.

  2. When I read things like this I get even more excited about Its a fantastic resource for us PANKS!

    auntie jo


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