Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Year Auntieversary

Dear Readers, Today is the two year 'auntieversary' of, the first online community for cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers and all women who love kids. So much has happened in the last two years since that fateful day. In fact, I don't hesitate to say my life has changed dramatically.

I truly found my passion with Savvy Auntie. Being an 'auntrepreneur' was always a dream of mine. Writing a book was also a dream, so when Debbie Stier of HarperCollins reached out to me and invited me to her office for lunch last November, I could hardly believe it. The result of that meeting is: The Savvy Auntie Guide to Life: The Ultimate Source for Cool Aunts, Great Aunts, Godmothers and All Women Who Love Kids. The manuscript is due at William Morrow, the imprint at HarperCollins publishing the book, at the end of this month! Look for it on and every where books are sold on March 22nd!

I also never dreamed I'd be on TV as often as I have. Or write a piece in The New York Times or had the unbelievable amount of amazing press for Savvy Auntie. I designated a day for Aunts. I've gotten to meet and/or interview women and men I look up to. I've had photoshoots with acclaimed photographers and hairstylists. I've had the opportunity to work with incredible clients who sponsor this dream of mine. And I've learned so, so much.

I could not be here - in this moment - without you and all the Savvy Auntie members, fans, followers and friends. I am deeply humbled by the support and love you have shown me and Savvy Auntie. This magic carpet ride of mine has taken me places I never imagined I would visit. And we're still going strong.

"If a man knows the harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind." - Seneca.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the wind on my sails.

Auntie Melanie

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