Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Months and Big News

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was the three month anniversary of! I can't thank you enough for the support! Traffic is unbelievable. We had 58,000 Unique Visitors last month (September). Wow. Considering we have not spent a dollar on advertising the site, those numbers are fantastic! Truth is - even if we did spend money on advertising, those numbers would be outstanding.

Speaking of advertisers, please help me welcome our first major advertiser: Warner Bros. Warner Brothers is promoting the Sex and the City The Movie Download on I think it's a great fit for the SavvyAuntie audience. In fact, we have two great articles that relate to Sex and the City on the site: Sex and the Air Water Earth and Fire by our Auntie-Scopes Expert, Jeannine Mercurio, and What Kind of Name is Uncle Katie Anyhow? by Notes from an Uncle, Jeff Cutler.

To have an advertiser as wonderful as WB on is truly appreciated. They believe in and I hope we prove them right!

My next big advertiser is launching on October 21st. It's a bigger campaign that fits in well with our Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas holiday gift guide. It's Playskool! Yes - Playskool is going to be advertising on the site in just a few days! They have some real winners for the younger set of nieces and nephews so I am very happy to have them help make Aunties more Savvy about what the toddler and pre-school will really love this holiday season.

There is so much to be thankful for. We have great advertisers. Great traffic. And an even better future ahead... Yay!!

Auntie Melanie

(by the way - I am tweeting a Savvy Holiday Gift Idea every day, so follow me on if you're not already. Thanks!)

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  1. Congrats Melanie.
    It is truly wonderful to see savvyauntie doing so well!


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