Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Savvy Auntie Logo

Dear Readers,

I get a lot of compliments on the Savvy Auntie logo. I am so happy that people love it because there is a lot of meaning behind it.

The logo had to represent a number of important elements of the brand. It had to be feminine for the women we are serving. It had to be strong to represent their voices finally being heard. It was to be somewhat techie to incorporate the fact that it was an interactive property, and of course it had to incorporate the
"playful luxury" branding of Savvy Auntie. Naturally, I also needed the logo to be legible and memorable.

The Syrup team put together a number of very strong candidates for me. Some were a little too techie, some were a little too feminine, and one, although stunning, would never have the legibility we needed.

And then there was the one we worked on that finally, after a couple of drafts, became the Savvy Auntie logo. it was - and is - PERFECT! Syrup can describe the essence of the logo much better than I can:

"The Savvy Auntie logo strikes a delicate balance between technology, femininity & professionalism. The logo that Syrup created is an entirely custom typeface, using a sans serif treatment to project a modern aesthetic as well as rounded edges for an equally warm and soft impression. The "e" can be interpreted as an inverted @ sign, a widely recognized symbol on the web, and the "y" and the "e" connect, symbolizing the importance of community."

So there you go. This is the story of how the Savvy Auntie logo came to be. It was mid-October and we were one step closer....

Auntie Melanie

P.S. We are counting down the days until the launch of!! Visit to be included in the Beta site and write: I read your blog in the blurb area.


  1. I really like the logo, even though it's pink. VERY pink. :-)

  2. I love the logo. It fits what I imagine when I think of a "savvy auntie" - like myself ;-) - perfectly! So excited for the launch party!


  3. The logo is fabulous. Looking forward to the launch of! :D


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