Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Dear Readers,

There is this thing going around Facebook where people share 25 Random Things about themselves. In the spirit of the blog where I try to be as transparent as I can be, here are the 25 Random Things about me that I just posted on Facebook:

1. I'm turning 40 on March 15th and I'm not unhappy about it. If this is what 40 looks like, bring it on, baby!
2. I did kindergarten twice because of some mix up moving from one school to another.
3. My middle name is Rose.
4. My Jewish name is Shoshanna.
5. When I was 8, I imagined having a set of twin daughters and planned to name them Bonnie and Buffy. I have two sets of twin nieces, none of which are named Bonnie or Buffy, thankfully.
6. My mom died 20 years ago, almost to the day.
7. I've been imagining starting my own company for 15 years and have been reading books and magazines on entrepreneurship, marketing, business and leadership every since.
8. My older brother was always smarter than me.
9. I went to McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where I am from.
10. I don't really know 70% of my "Friends" on Facebook but appreciate their reaching out.
11. I don't eat pork, bacon, shellfish, cheeseburgers and never have.
12. I used to be in musical plays as a teen and loved it. Studied theatre at college (Marionopolis in Montreal).
13. This is my real hair color.
14. I've never had a 'long-term relationship' and am really, truly fine with it.
15. Three years ago, I woke up numb on one side of my body. Turns out I have MS but that was the worst of it. I feel great and the disease rarely affects me. Thank God.
16. I have become slightly addicted to coffee. And my iphone. And yes, Twitter.
17. I am happy 94% of the time. The other 6% of the time I am not remembering how fortunate I am.
18. I believe in karma. And God.
19. More than married, I wish I were in love. And he in love with me.
20. I am so happy I didn't marry the boys I 'loved' 10-25 years ago.
21. I would be an amazing, amazing mom.
22. When I think about how much I love my nephew and nieces, I cry.
23. I am ashamed of how little I have traveled.
24. I don't have an MBA and am happy I didn't spend the money to get one.
25. I speak French, Hebrew and a little Japanese.


  1. so many interesting facts! i didn't know you were canadian, that you had MS and are blessed with a great hair color! i love my niece and nephew that much too!

  2. You are fabulous for so many reasons!!! That's for sharing. You rock!!!

  3. These are great Melanie. You are genuinely full of sunshine.

  4. A true Rockstar! Thanks for sharing and always inspiring us.

  5. OK you are scarying me...many parallels! Check me out I love your site, and definitely want to blog about you and get your membership increased, I know tons of Aunties in SF. Let's face it all us single savvy gals stick together. I think I'm going to have to put you as a favorite site too. Just getting started with all this, so have to figure it out. Keep it going girlfriend! PS I just found love (and have made it for 1 year with the same guy, a first) at 44 (4T-forever I like to call it) and have no plans to marry.

  6. Hey Aunt Nancy! I love your site!

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing! I am going to be an Aunt in June and sometimes I cry just thinking about how much I am GOING to love the baby.

  8. Neat & fascinating. Also, you are SO blessed to be not too affected by MS, my "stepmom in law" has a chronic progressive case and it is pretty tragic. She sure is brave, though. & my man's dad sure is loyal!
    I put the quotes there cuz my man & I are happily unmarried, even though we've been together & in love for over seven years. :P



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