Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ford's Test Drive

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I drove a Ford. Actually, I drove about a dozen Fords. There were a few amazing things about this experience of note:

1) As a New York City gal, I don't own a car.
2) Because I don't own a car, I rarely drive. I usually pick up a Zipcar to visit the nephew and nieces.
3) I have never owned a Ford, and have never driven one.
4) I was invited by Ford to visit their HQ in Detroit to test-drive their 2009 Ford Model cars and learn more about their Quality, Sustainability and Safety efforts (which are impressive, BTW)

So why would Ford invite me to test drive their cars? Specifically, why would they invite me to an event traditionally attended by automotive reporters and more lately, automotive bloggers? After all, I don't blog about cars. And as a reminder, I rarely drive.

Well they did it because Ford is smart. Specifically Scott Monty, their brand-spanking new head of social media, is smart.

The reason why Ford invited me to Detroit is because they understand that I represent PANKs. In fact,Scott asked me to invite a couple of other PANKs along. And I did.

Sure, automotive reporters will tell Ford's new story. And auto bloggers will too. But are they reaching women? Specifically, are they reaching women without kids? Women who don't worry about juice-boxes spilling on the new leather seats? Women who need cars that make them feel sexy when they go out with their significant other? Women who need cars with large trunk spaces for towing weekend getaway luggage and a few shopping bags along the way? Women who want the ability to throw in a couple of nieces and nephews and their car-seats if necessary?

Probably not.

Why is reaching women so important? Well women make 65% of the car buying decisions for the household. Reaching us is critical. Reaching those of us who don't have children, and therefore may be more likely to buy a luxury vehicle, is pretty important too.

These women visit And as Founder and Editor, I can reach them directly. And so I will. Right now.

I absolutely adored the Lincoln MKX. Wow. From the moment I got in, adjusted the seat with ease, and seat belted-up, the experience was pure luxury. Women tend to take in the whole experience when test-driving a car. And while I am not adept at identifying all the stuff that goes into a great car, I can tell you that that test-drive was one wonderful experience. I heard myself self saying things like: "Look how it hugs the road."

And whether or not you're driving with kids, safety is an issue. Well this luxury crossover earned a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The six standard airbags plus the Safety Canopy(R) side curtain air bags were probably major contributors to that. Ford Safety showed me some of the modern technologies that go into your safe drive. I was highly impressed and would feel confident driving around with my nephew and nieces in this vehicle. The MKX also includes the new SYNC communications and entertainment system, so reaching your destination safely with Travel Link, all while listening to great music with the THX(R) II Certified Auto System, is fantastic. There's also a simple way to reach 911.

Did I mention that this model has not one, but two sunroofs. The feel of the seats, the look of the dash, the grip of the steering seems that no detail was forgotten.
The photo above is the interior. See what I mean, ladies? Yum.

For Ford, inviting me to test drive their 2009 model cars worked. I fell hard for their new Lincoln MKX. The question is, will Ford's 'test drive' of inviting bloggers and influencers like myself to events like these prove successful? My guess, from the reaction of my social media colleagues, is yes. Ford fell in love with us too.

I've never had a Ford fall in love with me. I guess there's a first for everything.

Auntie Melanie


  1. Great review! Sounds like it was a great experience. And thanks for the link to inform this rural gal about zipcars!

  2. Melanie, I'm so glad that you and some other Savvy Aunties could be there! The first thing that I thought when I saw that photo on your blog was "SavvyAuntie would look great in that seat!" And I'm sure you did.

    Thank you for taking the time to write up your experience. While it may sound like a partial product endorsement to some, I know firsthand how impressed you and the other SAs were with the program, the people and the entire experience. And I hope to be able to continue that with others, even if it's one at a time. And of course, you're welcome back any time!

  3. Loved your review of the Lincoln MKX. It's refreshing, as an automotive journalist, to read a review from a different perspective. Professional auto reviewers are spoiled by the number of cars we get to drive and our views get skewed. Consumers need to read more reviews like yours since they are based more in the real world. I'm looking forward to reading more of your car reviews.

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