Monday, July 21, 2008

500 + Savvy Aunties

Dear Readers, 

It's exactly 13 days since we launched and we already have over 500 members! I can't tell you exactly how many members, because the counter on the site seems to have stopped counting at 500. (No worries, Dave is working on fixing that.) 

500+ Savvy Aunties. Wow. That was fast. I am so appreciative to everyone who took the time to join. As well as the tens of thousands who have stopped by to get the open content in the Expertise, Activities and Gifts sections. 

I am amazed. I am going to send out an email to all the members soon, asking them to help build the Savvy Auntie Community with Forum Posts, new Groups and their own Blogs. is a wonderful destination for celebrating all the great joys of Aunt-hood.... and a safe place to talk about the stuff that isn't so happy. 

I hope the Savvy Auntie Community will share their experiences with the other Savvy Auntie members. Like - what happens when the parents are divorcing and Auntie doesn't get to see the children on a regular basis anymore? How do Aunties cope when, God forbid, a niece or nephew is very ill? What do you do when your sister or sister-in-law takes you for granted. And what about those Aunties who want to be mommies one day. We have a whole "Motherhood and Fertility" Forum just for you.

So here I am, just home one day from the Blogher conference in San Francisco, having met so many diverse women from various backgrounds who share their lives with others through their blogs. It truly humbled me to think that perhaps will give voice to the tens-of-millions of Aunts and Godmothers out there who have so much to share.

If you are a member of, please begin sharing your experiences - all the highs and all the sighs. And for those of you who are ready to join, we welcome you! No worries, you can wait to share if you are not ready. But please join and begin to listen to the voices in the Savvy Auntie Community. One or two may sound familiar.

Here's to the 500th Savvy Auntie.... and the hundreds thousands millions more who will join her. 

Here's to you, Savvy Aunties! Here's to you!

Auntie Melanie

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