Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You

Dear Readers,

Thank you.

Oh sorry. That wasn't for you. It's for me. Thank you.

One of the first things I did when I started my company (still yet to be named at that point) was start a Gratitude Book. The minute I told my friends what I was doing, there was immense support. I recorded it. Then, I would read the notes later that week or month. And wow; I had a lot to be grateful for.

The gratitude was the fuel that kept me going during the hardest part of starting a business which was simply, starting a business.

I worked with Bernie at New York Times Digital back in 2000. He's in the internet biz, so I went to him for some advice: "It's about time you are living your life to your worth," I transcribed in my Gratitude Book from what he said earlier that day at lunch. "I'm right behind you. Tell me how I can help."

Neil and I have been friendly for years, but not close friends. I went to him because he's a fantastic web and graphic designer and an expert at internet usability: "This sounds great. If you want, I am happy to test your usability when you get to that point. I think you'll go really far with this."

In the first weeks of starting my business, my Gratitude pages included quotes from Sharon W, Sharon R, Maria, Stacy, Glen, Elana, Elena, Bobby, Michelle, Michael, Amy, Jennifer, David, Myles, Morty, Andrea S, Andrea D, Sherri, Melanie W,
Ilya, Andrew, Brian E, Brian W, Ron, Lara, Steve, Heidi, Penina, Beth, Jessica H, Jessica L, Debbie, Caryn, John, Mary Pat, Jules, Chiun Kai, Jeff.... well the list goes on and on (and on and on).

In fact, for New Year's, I sent out 100 Thank You cards, to 100 friends: new friends, old friends, not really friends but supportive anyway, and anyone who said anything at all that enabled me to keep going.

Since then, I have literally met, or connected with online, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who have said incredibly supportive things to me. About me. About Or are just along for the ride.

Here's a blog comment that really humbled me today (and inspired this blog post) from a good Twitter friend
: "A corporate twitter entity obviously needs to be transparent and (at times) engaging and personal, but we’re finding that challenging without a real “face” to the brand. @savvyauntie has done a great job of doing both, because essentially, the founder, Melanie (THE savvy auntie) is both. I think that really helps her followers engage with who and what she is. Kudos to her, she’s done a great job."

Thank you, Tyson. It's going in my Book.

And Thank You.

Yes. That one was for you. Because you read this blog. And that's something I am truly grateful for.

Don't worry. You're already in the Book.

I need a bigger Book.

Auntie Melanie


  1. I love this idea!

    And backatcha, btw. :)

  2. Maybe we should chip in to get you a gift certificate to pay for all those books you'll need ;-)

  3. @tothink and @quarksoft, thanks for your comments. And yes, a giftcard would be nice. Thinking more Kate's Paperie than Staples though. Fancy Auntie :-) (JK no giftcard please)

  4. Meeting you is going in my gratitude book - hugs!!

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